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Extract the contents of a DVD movie and convert it to various video formats
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DVD To MOV Converter is a video conversion software tool whose purpose is to provide a practical and easy way to extract the contents of a DVD movie and convert it into the QuickTime Movie (MOV) format. When you load a DVD movie, the program automatically scans its contents and lists all the titles present on the DVD, so that you can alternatively choose a subset of them for conversion.

The program interface is very pleasant and modern, and all its elements are clearly identified, so that you can carry out your video conversions intuitively, without the need of any help. The interface consists basically of a single window with three tabs: "Convert DVD", "Preferences" and "Help & About". As it can be easily deducted, the first one is where the conversion process itself takes place. Here you can load your movie directly from a DVD disc or from a DVD folder that contains the movie structure. Once your movie's titles are displayed, you can remove as many as you wish, trim one of them (take that part of the video delimited by start and end points that you can define), crop it (reduce the video area size to show only a section of it), and apply additional effects to a video stream, such as changing its brightness, contrast, and saturation.

This tab also allows you to select which audio and subtitle tracks will be included on your converted file, select your preferred output profile from a wide variety of supported video formats (which means that the program's target files are actually not limited to MOV), customize the default settings of that selected output profile, choose the destination folder, and decide if the program must merge all the selected titles into one single video file or not. To top it all off, here you will see an embedded mini media player, very helpful to have a preview of the selected title, and also to take snapshots of it.

The second tab, "Preferences", is quite self-explanatory - it gives you access to a few general parameters that you can configure, like what to do after the conversion has finished, the folder to save your snapshots, the default format, the conversion process priority, and what action to take in case the output file already exists. Finally, the third tab - "Help & About" - provides information about the program's version, a support e-mail, and the trial limitations.

The program is pretty stable and the conversion process is quick and safe. This trial version does not impose any time restrictions, though it limits the length of the converted videos to just the first 3 minutes of the original file.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Pleasant and modern interface
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Allows you to load the contents of a DVD folder
  • Allows you to select among a wide variety of output formats, not only MOV
  • Allows you to take snapshots of your movies


  • The trial version only converts the first 3 minutes of your video
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